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English: Unit 2 review


Actions: bend, jump, hop, kick, lift, push, pull, put, run, stand, stretch, touch.

Body parts: back, knees, toes.

Gymnastics: cartwheel, forward roll, handstand, star jump.

Directions: back, front, left, right.

Exercise routines: dance, gymnastics, PE, play football, ride a bike, skating, swimming, training, walk, warm up.

Frequency clauses: always, often, sometimes, never; once (a day/week...), twice, three times, four times...

Football: foul, goal, kick off, match, nil (0), pass, score, shoot, tackle, team.


Can: Can you do a (cartwheel)? My  friend can do a (handstand).

Present simple: I hop to the left. Careful with the 3rd person!: She hops to the left.

Frequency clauses:  How often do you do sports? I play basketball three times a week.

Go... for a bike ride, for a walk, swimming, skating.

Do... gymnastics, PE, judo, karate...

Functional language: You win some, you lose some. / Come on team! / United are winning 1-nil.


Body parts: arm, hand, head, leg, nose...

Can for ability.

Present simple. 

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